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When: 7:00 p.m.
The first Tuesday of each month
Where: Shaker Pines Fire Dept                                   37 Bacon Road

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July 2, 2024

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News and Notices

Final Results of Annual Association Meeting held on 6/8/2024:

Nominations to elect four (4) Members of the Board of Directors for a term of two (2) years (2024-2026);

Betsy Nourse nominated Jaime Macsata, seconded by George Temple

Laura Fields nominated George Temple, George Temple declined

Randy Daigle nominated Sharon Ledger, seconded by Jaime Macsata

Charlie Macsata nominated Stacy Daigle, seconded by George Temple

Charlie Macsata nominated Matt Stifel, seconded by Linda Ostapoff

Lorraine Creedon nominated Jaime Macsata for tax collector, seconded by Cheryl Cote

Voting Results –

  • Article 1 – Voting of Board Member

25 Yes – 2 No Vote for the following:

Stacy Daigle

Sharon Ledger

Jaime Macsata

Matt Stifel

Tax Collector

Jaime Macsata

Vote Results 25 Yes – 2 No Vote


  • Article 5 -Tax increase – To approve a tax increase from $167.50 to $192.50 for front lake properties and from $125.63 to $144.38 back lot properties.

Vote Results 25 Yes – 2 No Votes

  • Article 6 – Shall we approve the 2024-2025 budget

Vote Results 27 Yes – 0 No Votes

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