About Us

The Shaker Pines Lake Association was organized to provide for the improvement of property, and to provide for the convenience, health and comfort of all persons living within the Association area.

The Constitution and Charter of the Association were approved by the General Assembly of the State of Connecticut on June 4,1935. The Constitution and By-Laws of the Association are effective and enforced only when they do not conflict with the laws and ordinances of the Town of Enfield.

The Shaker Pines Lake Association is a tax entity governed by the tax laws of the State of Connecticut.

A meeting of the Association is held annually on a Saturday in June to pass or reject all items or recommendations put forth, either by members of the Executive Board or by the members of the Association.

An Executive Board consisting of nine members, each of whom shall be a qualified elector of the Association, is voted on during the Annual Association Meeting. Four members of the Executive Board shall be elected on even years and five members shall be voted elected on odd years. All members to serve a term of two years. A Tax Collector shall be elected each year for a period of one year.

Any person over 18 years of age who owns real estate within the Association area shall be entitled to one vote at any Annual/Special Meeting of the Association and shall be eligible for any office therein.