There are several standing committees consisting of members of the Association and the Board.  Additional committees can be established as needed to investigate or accomplish certain goals agreed upon by the Executive Board. We are always looking for volunteers so please reach out if any of the standing committees interests you.

Currently there are four Standing Committees.  Each one is described below:


Committee Chair, Leslie Cunningham

The Ecology Committee is responsible for the overall management of the quality of the lake.  This includes:

(A)    Managing the Maintenance Contract  – to ensure lake treatments are environmentally safe and completed in accordance with the contract.  The contracting company must apply for and receive a permit from the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) for any lake treatment it will use in the lake.  Lake treatment information is posted at various areas around the lake describing the treatment and any lake use restrictions associated with that treatment. 

(B)    Coordinating any actions required by the North Central Health Department resulting from the monthly water tests conducted by them.

(C)    The management and maintenance of the Spillway. The Spillway is located at the southeastern corner of the lake and is opened and closed manually to manage water flow during peak rain events.   



Committee Chair – George Temple

The Property Committee is responsible for ensuring all properties owned by the Association are maintained for use by the Association members.   The properties are open for all Association members, their families, and their guests to enjoy.  Please see the Welcome Book  and Lake Rules for guidelines on use of the properties.  


Committee Chair – Linda Ostapoff

The Activity Committee’s goal is to create a fun, inclusive environment for our lake community.  Funding for all activities comes from fundraisers that the Activity Committee sponsors.  Taxes are not used in any lake activity or event.  Activities vary from year to year however, the Block Party is an annual event typically held in September.  For more information on upcoming activities, watch for the newsletter and updates on the website. 

Upcoming Activities



This committee is responsible for ensuring information is shared in a timely manner with all association members.  A quarterly newsletter is sent by U.S. Mail to each association member at their mailing address.  The newsletter provides updates on things like lake treatment, taxes, and other topics related to the lake community in addition to upcoming activities.

The Board also utilizes social media to share both important and fun information.  The Shaker Pines Lake Facebook page is the formal page managed to ensure accurate information is shared without controversy. 

The Shaker Pines Lake website holds key up-to-date information in addition to archived historic information.