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Shaker Pines Lake Association, Inc.

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  • Electric motors are allowed on the lake only from 7 pm until noon of the next day. No gas powered vehicles are allowed except under the following conditions:

    • Public safety vehicles responding to emergencies.
    • Association employees, contractors or members performing legitimate association sanctioned lake maintenance work.
    • Under unusual circumstances the Board of Directors may authorize use of gas- powered vehicles, in or on the lake. (For example, for authorized lake treatment.)

  • No anchored floats allowed on the lake.
  • No hunting within association limits.
  • No pets allowed roaming at large. Also, failure to comply with Town of Enfield ordinance to clean up after your pets will result in a $50.00 fine.
  • No rubbish or debris of any kind is to be thrown into the lake. This is strictly forbidden.
  • No adding any sand beyond water's edge. Sand from outside sources may contain pollutants that can affect the ecology of the lake.
  • No storage of any personal property allowed on Association property.
  • DO NOT feed the waterfowl; this includes but is not limited to the geese and ducks.
  • NO PARKING on lower Cottage Beach lot by any motorized vehicle. Note: Since the town owns (right of way) approximately 6 feet from both sides of Cottage Road, parking on the beach lot is allowed within this area next to the road. The 6 feet is just about the width of a vehicle so one can just about get the vehicle out and off the road relieving any traffic. If you are a foot or two over no one will complain.

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