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Shaker Pines Lake Association, Inc.

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Remember you have a civic and moral obligation to your neighbors and indeed your Association, to keep your property clean and neat at all times, including not only your yard, but buildings as well. Please respect your neighbors' slumber and stop all unnecessary noise or disturbance after 11:00 p.m.

Town ordinance requires homeowners to affix house numbers to your house that at least two inches tall and are clearly visible from the road.

Put your trash in proper containers as late as possible on Wednesday for collection by the Town of Enfield on Thursday of each week and remove empty containers as soon as possible. Large trash can be picked by contacting the Town of Enfield. Recyclables are collected on alternate Fridays.

The lake is lowered each fall to allow property owners to remove debris and leaves from the lake bottom and make repairs to beaches and retaining walls, etc.

Any trees that have fallen into the lake are the responsibility of the homeowner and shall be removed within thirty days.

Please obey posted speed laws (20 MPH) as our roads are extremely narrow and hazardous under the best driving conditions.

Your SPLA Board Meets
First Tuesday of every month at 7:30 p.m.
Shaker Pines Fire Department, 36 Bacon Road, Enfield

Miscellaneous Information:


For information on school bus stops, contact The Board of Education located at Henry Barnard School on Shaker Road. Ask for Department of Transportation.

Postal Service:

Each house within the Association area must have a usable mailbox with their house number clearly printed on it located at the roadside. This is a rural route. The mail is delivered Monday through Saturday, except national Holidays.

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