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Shaker Pines Lake Association, Inc.

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This Charter is restated as of July 1 2003 by the Governing Board of the Shaker Pines Lake Association pursuant to Section 33-1202 of the Connecticut General Statutes, consistent with charter enactments of the Connecticut Legislature dated May 24, 1955, June 4, 1955, April 19, 1974, July 1 2003.

Section 1: Incorporation of Association

All owners of record of land within the limits hereinafter specified in the locality known as "Pine Point Lake" in the town of Enfield and constituted a body politic and corporate by the name of The Shaker Pines Lake Association, Incorporated, and they and their successors shall be a corporation in law with all the privileges set forth in Section 3382 of the General Statutes except the right to issue stock, and the rights, privileges and duties hereinafter set forth.

Section 2: Limits and Territory of Association

The limits and territory of said Association shall be as follows: all land situated in the town of Enfield, more particularly designated on a map Shaker Pines Lake Association, Incorporated, Enfield, Connecticut, scale one inch equals two hundred feet, August 1934, Merrill and Sears Civil Engineers, Springfield, Mass, which map is on file in the Town Clerk's office in the town of Enfield, Book of Maps, Volume Five, said map having been approved by the Enfield Planning Commission January 11, 1955. The limits and territory of said Shaker Pines Lake Association, Incorporated, may extend at any time with consent of the voters of the Town of Enfield, as the land may be situated, so as to include any other land adjacent thereto, by the written consent of the owner of such land in an instrument describing the same and the terms of the annexation and the acceptance of such other land as a party of said territory by said Association, which consent and acceptance shall be recorded on the records of said Association and in the land records of the town where such other land shall be situated and thereupon such other land shall be within the limits and territory of such Association and the owner or owners of such other land, while they are owners thereof, shall be a part of said body politic and corporate.

Section 3: Object of Association

The object of said Association is to provide for the improvement of the land in said territory and for the recreation, comfort and convenience of persons living therein.

Section 4: Voting Membership

Each member of the Association of the age of eighteen (18) or over, not otherwise prohibited by law from voting, so long as he or she shall continue to own real estate in said territory, shall be entitled to one vote at any meeting of said Association and shall be eligible to any office therein.

Section 5: Care of Beaches, Waterfront and Maintenance of Corporate Property

Said Association may provide, through by-laws, ordinance or otherwise, for the care of beaches and waterfronts and maintenance of corporate property.

Section 6: Executive Board

The Executive Board shall consist of eight members of the Association, four of whom shall be elected each year for the term of two years from the first Monday following their election and until their successors shall be elected and shall have qualified.

Section 7: Election of Executive Board

The members of the Executive Board shall be elected by the membership at the Annual Meeting of the Association. Said Executive Board shall be elected by a plurality of ballots cast at said meeting and polls for the reception of ballots shall be open from two o'clock P.M. until five o'clock P.M. on said day.

Section 8: Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the Association shall be held on the third Saturday of June in each year at two o'clock in the afternoon. Special meetings of the association may be held and warned in such manner as the by-laws may prescribe, provided notice for any special meeting shall specify the object for which such meeting is called. Not less than twelve members of the Association shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business at any regular or special meeting. Voting on the budget shall take place at the Annual Meeting.

Section 9: Notice of Annual and Special Meetings

Notices of the Annual and of all Special meetings of the Association shall be signed by the President or by the Vice President and by two other members of the Executive Board and shall be given by mail. Written notice of the time and place of such meeting shall be mailed in Hartford county and addressed to each member of said Association at his/her last known mailing address at least seven business days before the time appointed.

Section 10: Meetings of the Executive Board

The Executive Board shall hold its first regular meeting in each year on the evening of the Tuesday next following the Annual Meeting of the Association, and notice of time and place of said meeting shall be given by the Clerk of the Association in the manner hereinafter provided. Said Board shall elect from its members a President, Vice President, Treasurer and Clerk of said Association, who shall hold office for one year from the day of their election and until their successors shall be elected and shall have qualified. In case of a vacancy in any office, it shall be filled for the unexpired portion of the term by a majority vote of the remainder of the Board. The duties of each of these officers shall be defined by the by-laws of said Association. Such President or Clerk shall, on the signed written request of any three members of said Board, call a meeting of said Board. Notices of such nonscheduled Executive Board meetings shall be in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act and applicable provisions of Connecticut General Statutes and given by leaving at the usual place of abode of each member a written notice signed by said President or Clerk, specifying the time and place of such meeting at lest twenty-four hours before such meeting. A majority of said Executive Board shall constitute a quorum at any meeting thereof.

Section 11: Powers of the Executive Board

The Executive Board shall have the care, custody and management of all funds and property of the Association and, when assembled according to law, shall have power to make regulations for the management and control of such property and its transfer and conveyance; to make regulations concerning the time and place of meetings of said Executive Board so far as they are consistent with any of the special provisions of this act of the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act; to regulate the method of assessment and collection of taxes for Association purposes and to prescribe the duties and compensation of employees of the Association. The President, Vice President, Clerk and Treasurer shall serve without compensation, except that they shall receive their actual expenses.

Section 12: Adoption and Enforcement of By-laws, regulations and ordinances

Said Executive Board shall possess power, when so legally assembled, to make, alter, amend repeal and enforce by-laws, regulations and ordinances, as shall be deemed suitable, not inconsistent with this act and to accomplish the objects specified in Section Three and Section Five of this act.

Sections 13-15: Reserved

Section 16: Public Signpost

Said Executive Board shall establish a public signpost within the limits of the Shaker Pines Lake Association, Incorporated, any may make, establish and adopt orders and notices to be used under this act.

Section 17: Posting of By-laws or Ordinances

No by-law or ordinance shall take effect or be enforced until the same has been posted for at least three days on the public signpost of said Association, nor shall any by-law or ordinance take effect until fifteen days after its passage. A certificate of the Clerk of said Association of the due posting of any by-law or ordinance shall be prima facie evidence of such posting.

Sections 18-19: Reserved

Section 20: Tax Assessments

Said Association, at its Annual Meeting or at any special meeting called for that purpose, by a majority vote of those present at such meeting, may lay a tax, for the purposes herein specified, of not exceeding, at any meeting held during 1985, twenty dollars, at any meeting held during 1986, twenty-five dollars, at any meeting held during 1987, thirty dollars, at any meeting held during 1988, forty dollars, and at any meeting held thereafter, seventy-five dollars, for members whose property abuts the lake, and not exceeding seventy-five percent of said amount for members whose property does not abut the lake, and shall appoint a collector to collect such tax and rate bills shall be made out and signed by said Collector, and warrants may be issued for the collection of money due on such rate bills, pursuant to the provisions of section 12-130 of the general statutes.

Section 21: Collection of Tax Assessments

Written notice of the rate of such tax and of the amount apportioned to each member of the Association shall be sent by the Tax Collector of the Association in accordance with the provisions of Connecticut General Statutes, as revised. Such tax shall be due and payable within thirty days from the sending of such notice. If such tax is not paid when due, it shall bear interests at the maximum interest rate as provided by statute from the date when it was so payable. The Collector shall have all the power of collectors of town taxes and shall be accountable to the Executive Board in the same manner as town collectors are accountable to the Town Manager, and shall pay the taxes as soon as collected to the Treasurer of the Association. Each such tax shall be a lien upon the property upon which it shall be laid for one year from the time of the laying of such tax, and may be collected by suit in the name of said Association, or by foreclosure of such lien. Such lien may be continued annually by certificate to be recorded in the land records of the Town of Enfield, pursuant to the provisions of Sections (1235 and 1236), 12-173 and 12-174 of the General Statutes (as amended).

Section 22: Authorization to Enter Into Contracts

No contract which shall involve an unbudgeted expenditure of money exceeding one thousand dollars in any year shall be made by the Executive Board unless the same shall be specially authorized by a vote of the Association at a special meeting held for that purpose. The Directors shall not, within any year, make unbudgeted contracts or incur obligations which shall, in the aggregate, amount to more than the sum of fifteen hundred dollars, unless the same shall be authorized by a vote of the Association, nor are the Directors authorized to borrow money without like authority.

Section 23: Abatement of Taxes

The Executive Board may, by a three-quarters vote of those present at any meeting, abate the taxes assessed as aforesaid upon any such person or persons as are poor and indigent and unable to pay the same, causing a proper entry to be made on its records.

Section 24: Effective Date

This act shall become effective upon its adopted by a majority vote of all those owners of record of land within the limits of said Association herein set forth present at a meeting called within thirty days after the approval of this act by a notice signed by a majority of those persons named in Section Six of this act, designating the time and place of said meeting, and sent by mail to each such owner at his/her last known post office address and mailed at least five days before the time appointed for said meeting. A certificate of any two signers of such notice as to the mailing of such notice shall be prima facie evidence of such mailing. For the purpose only of adopting this act, each owner of record present at said meeting shall be entitled to cast one vote for each separate lot, plot or parcel of land which he/she owns as said lots, plots and parcels and laid out and shown on maps more particularly described in Section Two of this act.

Section 25: Conflict

If any by-law or regulation adopted by the Shaker Pines Lake Association, Incorporated shall conflict with any lawful ordnance of the Town of Enfield, the ordinance of said town shall prevail and supercede the by-laws or regulations of said Association. Any tax liens levied by said Town of Enfield on property within the limits of Shaker Pines Lake Association, Incorporated, shall have priority over any liens for taxes levied on the same property by the Association.

Approved June 4, 1955
Amended May 24, 1955
Amended April 19, 1974
Amended July 1, 2003

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