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Shaker Pines Lake Association, Inc.

Pine Trees.
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News and important issues concerning our lake
  • Important Note: The July 4th Lake Association monthly meeting will be cancelled due to the holiday.
  • Shaker Pines Lake Dam Special Meeting held on April 5, 2017, ? Also links to letter from DEEP to SPLA President, Mr. Rodriquez and 31-page Presentation on SPLA Dam form CT Deep.
  • 2016 Block Party Slideshow, September 17, 2016 (20 photos...#2 is poor so when you see it second time you are done!)
  • 2016 Fishing Derby Slideshow, August 13, 2016 (23 photos)
  • 2016 Ice Cream Social Slideshow, July 23, 2016 (25 photos.)
  • 2016 July 4th Boat Parade Slideshow, July 3, 2016 (38 photos.)
  • Safety Message - From the Shaker Pines Fire Department.
  • Shaker Pines Fire Department has a new web site at Go visit them. Signing up for notifications about things like dangerous weather, District meetings, etc. is easy. Just visit and click on the appropriate button. Phone: 860-749-8552.
    Many photos or slideshows of past events can be viewed by clicking on "Links and Archives" on the left side of this page.
  • Here are: The Lake Association's Monthly Meeting Minutes April 4, 2017 and Spring 2016 Newsletter.
    Also the Annual Meeting Minutes June 18, 2016
    Here is the current "Delinquent Tax List" of Association property owners. Please pay your taxes to be removed from the list.
    NOTE: By-Laws and Charter (on left) are in .pdf format. Most have this but click HERE if you need the FREE "reader" for these files.

    The Executive Board of this Association believes that the Shaker Pines Lake area is an exceptionally beautiful place to live. This statement is made with the realization that the lake is our most valuable asset, next to our homes, affording us swimming, boating and skating privileges. As you get settled in your new residence, please take a walk or ride around the lake and you will quickly realize that although the lake is relatively small, its uses are many. The lake must be taken care of regardless of cost or inconvenience. When you attend the Annual Meeting of the Association in June, you will realize that the largest percentage of tax monies collected goes directly toward maintaining the lake (treatment of weeds, algae, etc.) We trust that you will understand this large expense. Remember that if you sell your property, the lake will be your best selling point.

    About the Association
    The Shaker Pines Lake Association was organized in order to provide for the improvement of property, and to provide for the convenience, health and comfort of all persons living within the Association area.

    Our Sign The Constitution and Charter of the Association were approved by the General Assembly of the State of Connecticut on June 4,1935. The Constitution and By-Laws of the Association are effective and enforced only when they do not conflict with the laws and ordinances of the Town of Enfield.

    The annual meeting of the Association is held on the third Saturday in June of each year, to pass or reject all items or recommendations put forth, either by members of the Executive Board or by the members of the Association.

    Any person over 18 years of age who owns real estate within the Association area shall be entitled to one vote at any Annual/Special Meeting of the Association and shall be eligible for any office therein.

    Officers in the Association shall consist of an Executive Board of eight members, each whom shall be a qualified elector of the Association. Four members of the Executive Board shall be elected at each Annual Meeting for a period of two years. A Tax Collector shall be elected each year for a period of one year.

    Your SPLA Board Meets
    First Tuesday of every month at 7:30 p.m.
    Shaker Pines Fire Department,
    36 Bacon Road, Enfield
    2016-2017 SPLA BOARD OF DIRECTORS       
    Nelson Rodriquez - President........................860-818-1018 or
    Leslie Cunningham -V. President..................860-698-9271 or
    Sharon Ledger - Secretary.............................860-749-9514 or
    Lorraine Creedon - Treasurer.........................860-749-0931 or
    George Temple - Director...............................860-798-2866 or
    Randy Williams - Director...............................860-882-9642 or
    Christina Hidemark - Dir. (Communication)....860-324-1100 or
    Jason Stebbins - Director...............................860-798-1682 or
    Stephanie Quail - Director..............................860-597-7137 or

    Janice Labroad - Tax Collector.......................860-882-4969 or
    Charles Macsata - Chief, S.P. Fire Dept.........860-982-3979 or .

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    For photos of our lake flood of October 14 and 15, 2005 click on "Lake Photos" to the left or below.
    Latest Newletter, Restrictions, taxation, Maps, Lake Photos, Old Mill, Links, By-Laws, Charter.

    Below are some of our Shaker Pines Lake sponsors
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    Buona Vita Chicago Sam's Hawthorne's Agway
    Plaza Excavating Contractors Li's Brothers Japanese and Chinese Restaurant. Lil' Buddy's.
    Plaza Excavating Contractors High Grade Gas Service. Joey's Pizza.

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